Podcast: The future of corn planting

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Over a year ago we talked about a new technology that would allow growers to plant offensive and defensive corn hybrids within the same field.  Last year Jason Webster with Beck’s Hybrids planted his first field with the Variable Hybrid Planter.  This year he has more trials and more acres. In this Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology we’ll find … Read More Podcast: New old technologies

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What was once considered old is now becoming popular again.  Cameron Mills is a Beck’s Hybrids seed dealer and farms in Indiana.  Earlier this month he was presenting at Becknology Days in Atlanta, Ind.  He says farmers are looking for ways to carry over nutrients in the soil.  One of the best ways to do that, he says, is by … Read More Podcast: Ag Apps

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Apps on our smartphones and tablets make our lives much simpler.  Brian Arnall is the precision nutrient management extension specialist for Oklahoma State.  Earlier this month he presented at the 2013 InfoAg Conference on precision agriculture.  Arnall’s presentation focused on agricultural applications.  In this Podcast we’ll find out what makes an agricultural app great. [wpaudio url= text=” Podcast”] The Podcast … Read More Podcast: What about drones?

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The use of drones in agriculture is still being questioned.  Dr. Kevin Price with the Kansas State University Department of Agronomy presented at last week’s IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference in Altoona, Iowa.  He says with the new technologies that are available, unmanned aircraft systems are going to be highly beneficial in the agriculture industry.  It will allow those that are using … Read More Podcast: The future of crop scouting

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iPads are becoming a great tool for scouting fields.  Purdue Extension has recently released their Corn and Soybean Field Guide in an interactive app format.  Bob Nielsen, Purdue Extension corn specialist says the app makes it easier for a farmer to diagnose problems in the field because of the in-depth resources available at their fingertips. In this Podcast we’ll … Read More Podcast: Adaptive nitrogen management

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What if there was a way to know if too much nitrogen is applied one year or not enough the next year – before the application is ever made? Cornell University professor of soil science Harold van Es says by utilizing adaptive nitrogen management they’re trying to account for the many factors that influence how much nitrogen a corn crop … Read More Podcast: The future of “pharming”

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Cystic Fibrosis is a disease that critically affects the lungs, the pancreas, the liver, and the intestines.  Iowa farmer Bill Horan and his brother Joe have been growing crops that have been genetically altered to produce the proteins used by pharmaceutical companies to treat diseases.  One of those is canine lipase that is used in one of the pharmaceuticals used to … Read More Podcast: The Great American Wheat Harvest

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Custom harvesters are big users of precision technologies.  An upcoming documentary is now in production that will follow custom harvesters and show how wheat goes from the field to the bread on your dinner table.  In this Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology, we’ll take a closer look at the new documentary by Conrad Weaver, The Great American Wheat … Read More