Podcast: The future of farming

Meghan GrebnerBASF, Equipment, GPS, Precision Pays Podcast

The future of farming is evolving.  It’s changed a lot in the mere 30 years I have been around the industry.  I can only imagine how my father or my grandfather feels when they take a step back and look at how life on the farm differs today from when they first began.  My great-grandfather worked for a seed company in Illinois many years ago – and while he worked there he built their first mechanized detassling machine.  My grandma says he thought he was pretty big stuff back then.  If he were alive today – I think he would be in awe of the technologies we embrace on our farming operations. 

Earlier this month, BASF held their Agricultural Solutions Media Summit in Chicago.  One of the panel discussions talked about the future of farming and even speculated about the technologies we could see just a few years down the road.  In this Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology, we’ll hear Christophe Pelletier’s take on the agriculture industry.  In addition we’ll learn how Kip and Kyle Tom, Indiana farmers, are using technology to benefit their farming operations.

As Bob Dylan once said – “The times, they are a-changing”…

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