Aligned Farming Enhances Precision

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Measuring progress is key to determining which farming techniques are more profitable than others for growers. Clay Mitchell, a farmer in NE Iowa says aligned-farming is a precision farming technique that allows growers to measure their progress, particularly compared to angled-farming. “What’s special about aligned farming systems is that it allows us to measure them,” Clay said. “We can finally … Read More

Auto-Steer Compliments Skip-Row Farming

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Specialized farming practices paired with specialized farming technology can mean “special” results for farmers if you ask Robert Klein. Robert is an Extension Cropping Systems Specialist with the University of Nebraska in North Platte. He says when it comes to seeding and planting plots for crop performance evaluation, using GPS-RTK Auto Steering technology with skip-row planting methods can boost yields. … Read More

Precision FIT with Pioneer

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Pioneer is offering a new, free service that it says can give farmers more: more information and more uses for that information. Pioneer Hi-Bred’s FIT mapping combines GPS data with a free mapping service offering farmers detailed information about their crops, where they’re growing their crops and whether they’re growing them in way that maximizes their resources. Did I mention … Read More

The “Stars” Have it with Precision

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Farmers wanting to ease into precision technology have new equipment options from John Deere. The ag machinery company has unveiled three new products within its GreenStar line. John Deere says the GreenStar Lightbar, GreenStar 2 Display 1800 and the StarFire 300 Reciever are meant to help operators get started with precision farming. The new gadgets can also help enhance older … Read More

RowCommand and RowSense Offer Guidance for Planters and Combines

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AutoTrac guidance is no longer just for tractors. Farmers can now use assisted steering technology on combines. John Deere‘s AutoTrac RowSense gives growers the ability to use precision guidance on the combines for harvesting corn. Mechanical feeler data from new row sensors located on the corn heads are integrated with GPS data from John Deere’s StarFire Receiver to give growers … Read More

John Deere Offers New “Toys” for Precision

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John Deere has recently announced that it’s offering a slew of different precision agriculture products. Some are available now and others are scheduled to be released in the spring or fall of 2009. Kim Fletcher, Marketing Representative with John Deere Ag Management Solutions has been hosting several live presentations showcasing many of the new products and some old favorites at … Read More

Biotech and Precision Pay

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Since hybrid seed technology works so seamlessly with precision technology, I figured it would be more than relevant to mention that farmers who use Monsanto Advanced Technology are eligible for lower risk insurance premiums in seven additional states. The attractive insurance premiums are offered through a revised risk management biotechnology endorsement. Farmers in 11 states who plant a majority of … Read More

Farming for the Future

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Simon Blackmore is changing the future of farming with his Unibots project (see post), but he’s also farming for the future with the European project Future Farm. But, Simon says, the project is all about implementing the technologies of today: “The purpose of Future Farm is to take a lot of the technologies and processes that we’ve been developing in … Read More

Precision Progress in Iowa

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The 2008 Farm Progress Show is just around the corner. Both Chuck and I will be on-site providing constant updates throughout the event, August 26th through 28th. I’m sure we’ll find plenty of information on precision agriculture, so be sure to check back here for the latest precision farming news from Boone, Iowa. The show is boasting the following for … Read More

Robotic Agriculture

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Robots are the future of agriculture if you ask Simon Blackmore. I’ve already acquainted readers with the forward-thinking agriculturist and inventor, exploring both his role with FutureFarm and Unibots. But, both projects are innovative and impressive enough to merit a closer look. In this interview with Simon, we discuss the creation of his own company: Unibots. The company supports research … Read More