The “Stars” Have it with Precision

Laura McNamaraAudio, Dealers, Equipment, GPS

Farmers wanting to ease into precision technology have new equipment options from John Deere. The ag machinery company has unveiled three new products within its GreenStar line. John Deere says the GreenStar Lightbar, GreenStar 2 Display 1800 and the StarFire 300 Reciever are meant to help operators get started with precision farming. The new gadgets can also help enhance older systems. John Deere has launched its SeedStar 2 monitoring system.

The GreenStar Lightbar offers 27 tracking LEDs to guide the farmers operating precision steering systems in the field. John Deere says operators should steer their tractors based on what lights illuminated. Green means you’re on track. Red means you’re not. Each red light means operators are off by four inches.

Farmers looking for a little more pizazz, but still want a tool that’s easy to understand should consider the GreenStar 2 Display 1800. The new, 7-inch display features state-of-the-art, full-color screens meant to help farmers manage GreenStar applications. The display can be used for AutoTrac and on-screen mapping.

If growers are looking for a new receiver for their GreenStar systems, John Deere’s new StarFire 300 should offer them an economical option. The satellite WAAS receiver boasts 13-inch accuracy and mounts easily with a magnet.

The SeedStar 2 monitoring system combines what used to be on two monitors down into one full-color display. The system can be used on planters and air seeders to help growers improve accuracy and cover more acres in less time.

I spoke with Kim Fletcher, Marketing Representative with John Deere Ag Management Solutions. You can listen to the interview here:
Kim Fletcher, Marketing Representative for John Deere AMS talks about new GreenStar products and SeedStar 2