RowCommand and RowSense Offer Guidance for Planters and Combines

Laura McNamaraAudio, Dealers, Equipment, GPS

AutoTrac guidance is no longer just for tractors. Farmers can now use assisted steering technology on combines. John Deere‘s AutoTrac RowSense gives growers the ability to use precision guidance on the combines for harvesting corn. Mechanical feeler data from new row sensors located on the corn heads are integrated with GPS data from John Deere’s StarFire Receiver to give growers tighter steering control. RowSense can manuever around curves, through waterways or through weedy areas.

This spring farmers can harness “technology for efficient planter row control” with John Deere’s new RowCommand. The new technology lets farmers efficiently plant on the go with automated control. John Deere says the RowCommand will help growers reduce their seed input costs while also eliminating yield drag associated with double-planting. RowCommand can help growers reduce overplanting in point rows, John Deere says, while also helping them maximize placement .

I spoke with Ag Management Solutions Marketing Representative Kim Fletcher about the RowSense and RowCommand. You can listen to the interview here:
Kim Fletcher, Marketing Representative for John Deere AMS talks about RowCommand and RowSense