John Deere Talks ExactEmerge at InfoAg

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deere-exactemergeJohn Deere’s new ExactEmerge planter was the most popular piece of equipment on the floor when it was revealed at the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show in February, and while the planter was too big to bring to the InfoAg Conference last week, it was still a major topic for attendees.

“The big part of that planter is the brush belt delivery system which takes the seed from our seed meter and delivers it directly to the bottom of the trench,” said Adam Seabert, John Deere Solutions Specialist for the southeast.

In conjunction with the launch of the ExactEmerge™ planter, John Deere is also introducing SeedStar Mobile to help producers better visualize, document, and access their planting data. “SeedStar Mobile is going to give producers the ability to see real time, high definition information from their field related to population, singulation, downforce – all the planting attributes they’re looking at in the cab, they’re now going to be able to see in a mobile app,” said Seabert. The other added benefit of the app is to allow the John Deere dealer network to optimize those machines in the field.

Learn more in this interview: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Adam Seabert, John Deere”]

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