USDA Scientists Develop Higher Yielding Sorghum

John Davis

Researchers for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) have developed a new variety of sorghum that produces more seeds than conventional varieties. This article from USDA says ARS molecular biologist Zhanguo Xin and plant geneticist Gloria Burow at the Plant Stress and Germplasm Research Unit, along with lab director and research leader John Burke, at the …

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New DuPont Pioneer Sorghum Hybrids for 2015

John Davis

DuPont Pioneer has introduced its new sorghum hybrids for 2015. This company news release says the new offerings give growers strong yield potential, improved agronomic performance, a wide range of defensive trait packages, and adaptability to both irrigated and dryland acres. Pioneer® hybrid 83P56 – a medium full-grain sorghum hybrid available in south and central Texas. The product provides improved …

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Pioneer Sorghum Growers Score Big in Yield Contest

John Davis

Growers planting Pioneer brand sorghum hybrids did pretty well in the most recent national yield contest. This company news release says Pioneer sorghum picked up three of seven first-place finishes and nine of the 21 national categories in the 2014 National Sorghum Producers (NSP) Yield and Management Contest, with growers using Pioneer 84G62 brand sorghum won five of the nine …

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NSP Announces Annual Yield Contest Winners

Jamie Johansen

National Sorghum Producers is proud to announce the winners of the 2014 NSP Yield Contest. Farmers from 27 states entered to win this year’s contest. Producer yields are highlighted in nine different categories with this year’s top yield at 246 bushels per acre, just shy of NSP’s 250 bushel per acre yield goal. “Congratulations to all the 2014 Yield Contest …

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Alta Seeds Expands Sorghum Product Line

Jamie Johansen

Alta Seeds, the U.S. brand for exclusive genetics and forage and grain sorghum hybrids from Advanta, was present during NAFB’s Trade Talk in Kansas City, MO. Barry Lubbers is with Alta Seeds and shared more about the sorghum industry and the new products we will see from them in the coming year in an interview with Chuck. “In the sorghum …

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Alta Seeds to Launch 1st Herbicide Tolerant Sorghum Hybrids

Jamie Johansen

Alta Seeds, the premium brand of Advanta, a leading international supplier of proprietary crop genetics, will demonstrate the first herbicide tolerant sorghum hybrids in their 2014 trials in Hereford, Texas. The first grain sorghum hybrids with this trait will be introduced commercially by Alta Seeds in 2016. Herbicide tolerant grain sorghum will give growers greater ability to control yield-limiting grassy …

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Improvements Tackled for Sorghum Genetics

Jamie Johansen

DuPont Pioneer and the United Sorghum Checkoff Program today announced a collaboration to advance genetic tools and opportunities for grain sorghum, which was planted on just over 8 million acres in the United States in 2013. Under a three-year collaboration agreement, the Sorghum Checkoff will leverage the world-class seed technology program at Pioneer for a total investment of $800,220 from …

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