Pioneer Sorghum Growers Score Big in Yield Contest

John DavisAgribusiness, Award, Contest, Dupont Pioneer, Sorghum

dupontpioneerGrowers planting Pioneer brand sorghum hybrids did pretty well in the most recent national yield contest. This company news release says Pioneer sorghum picked up three of seven first-place finishes and nine of the 21 national categories in the 2014 National Sorghum Producers (NSP) Yield and Management Contest, with growers using Pioneer 84G62 brand sorghum won five of the nine national titles, and 33 of 81 state titles won using Pioneer brand sorghum hybrids.

The top-yielding national winner was Henson Land & Cattle of Hockley, Texas, where Pioneer® 84P80 brand sorghum was used in a conventional-till irrigated environment to achieve 245.94 bushels per acre, very near the world record of 249. Other national winners using Pioneer® brand sorghum hybrids were found in Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Pennsylvania across many of the categories.

“We are incredibly proud of the way Pioneer® brand sorghum hybrids performed in the 2014 NSP Yield and Management Contest,” said Doug Pilkington, DuPont Pioneer senior marketing manager, Lincoln, Neb. “Our high-yielding products, coupled with implementation of the very best management practices, shows what is possible for sorghum growers in the United States.”

“Our sorghum research program also helps ensure that growers who use Pioneer sorghum hybrids experience strong performance year in and year out,” he said. “We continue to expand our investment in research to improve our products and the defensive traits that protect top yields.”

Winners will be recognized on Friday, Feb. 27 during the 2015 Commodity Classic in Phoenix, Arizona.