Avoiding Nitrate Runoff Focus of CTIC Panel

John Davis

One of the best parts about the Conservation Technology Information Center tour is the conversations that come up, either through formal panels or just informal talks. On the more formal side, local Livingston County, Ill., farmer Marcus Maier (pictured seated, holding the microphone) sat on a panel during the tour that addressed soil health and the issue of nitrate runoff …

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Lucero Joins Eco Agro Resources

Talia Goes

Eco Agro Resources is proud to announce the appointment of Luciano Lucero as the regional manager of South America. Luciano’s hiring is consistent with Eco Agro Resources’ overall strategy to support local markets and to provide greater value to customers. Luciano’s ability to introduce the South American market to innovative urease inhibitor N-Yield and to the developing product line is …

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The Mosaic Company Launches CropNutrition.com

Talia Goes

Recent research is definitive: As much as 60 percent of yield depends on soil fertility. Unfortunately, the science behind this imperative aspect of farming isn’t always so clear, confusing even the most veteran agriculture professionals. A new initiative from The Mosaic Company aims to better explain the various scientific aspects vital to achieving maximum yield. Mosaic’s CropNutrition initiative is an …

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MicroEssentials.com Goes Mobile

Talia Goes

The Mosaic Company has released another digital tool for farmers to gather important information that can help increase efficiency and generate higher yields. Recognizing the fact that farmers are increasingly using tablets and smartphones to increase production, The Mosaic Company responded by recently unveiling a mobile site for its premium fertilizer, MicroEssentials. The new mobile site for MicroEssentials will provide …

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New Ag Chem Company Launched

Cindy Zimmerman

A new agriculture and chemical company has been formed to produce and market a next generation of urease inhibitor. Eco Agro Resources was launched on May 1, with its patent-pending flagship product, N-Yield. David McKnight, CEO states “Eco Agro Resources is made up of 30 team members with over 100 years of agriculture and chemical experience. We have multiple lab …

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Precision.AgWired.com Podcast: Adaptive nitrogen management

Meghan Grebner

What if there was a way to know if too much nitrogen is applied one year or not enough the next year – before the application is ever made? Cornell University professor of soil science Harold van Es says by utilizing adaptive nitrogen management they’re trying to account for the many factors that influence how much nitrogen a corn crop …

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Nutrient Management with Late Planting

Cindy Zimmerman

Planting is definitely running behind normal in the Corn Belt, but it’s nothing to worry about just yet. “Just stick to the original plan” when it comes to nutrient management,” says John Grandin, Senior Field Sales Agronomist at GROWMARK, Inc. “If the original plan calls for spring-applied anhydrous ammonia, then stick with spring-applied anhydrous ammonia.” However, Grandin points out the …

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Precision Ag Has Implications On Food Security

Talia Goes

Precision agriculture promises to make farming more efficient and should have an important impact on the serious issue of food security, according to a new study published in Significance, the magazine of the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association. Spatial variation is at the core of precision agriculture and geostatistics. All aspects of the environment — soil, rocks, …

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Vegetation Indices and Crop Stress

Talia Goes

The 2013 Precision Ag Action Summit was held on January 21 & 22 in North Dakota. Richard B. Ferguson of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln gave a presentation on “Vegetation Indices and Crop Stress”. Some indicators of crop stress include color, leaf or plant shape, patterns within leaves, patterns of leaves on plant and patterns of plants within a field. Vegetation …

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