ASA DuPont Young Leaders Complete Training

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American Soybean Association (ASA) DuPont Young Leaders have finished their training, focusing on leadership, marketing, issues and discussions. Training took place in conjunction with the Commodity Classic Convention and Trade Show in San Antonio, Texas. “For more than 30 years, the ASA DuPont Young Leader program has identified new and emerging leaders for the soybean industry. The program provides training …

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High Oleic Soybeans Growing Rapidly

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Traditional soybean oil turns rancid rather quickly, limiting shelf life or needing hydrogen gas to be added, creating trans fats. Pioneer’s Plenish soybeans offer three times the shelf life of conventional beans without hydrogenation. Maybe that’s why growers will plant more than 600,000 acres in Indiana and Ohio, as well as Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. With yields that …

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Ninety Years of DuPont Pioneer at #ASTACSS

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Part two of the “Glancing Back and Moving Forward in a Rapidly Changing Industry” session from ASTA CSS brings us to Paul Schickler, President of DuPont Pioneer, but if you missed yesterday’s post with Sonny Beck, make sure and check that out too! DuPont Pioneer has a strong 90 year history, says Schickler, and that’s due in large part to …

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DuPont Pioneer Unveils New Corn and Soybean Products

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With the theme of “Innovation Elevates Performance for Growers,” DuPont Pioneer used virtual press conferences this week to unveil new corn and soybean products by region. Pioneer is launching 54 new A-Series soybeans for North America; and 53 new top-yielding corn products as part of its expanded lineup for 2017 spring planting. A-Series soybeans are “the highest yielding line of …

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Wife, Mother, Plant-Breeder at #ASTACSS

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Earlier this week we got to see ASTA’s latest video project with plant breeder and mother, Jessie Alt.  Today I got to sit down with her to talk about her role connecting consumers with plant science. As a research scientist for DuPont Pioneer, Jessie’s day job is to develop new soybean varieties for farmers, but off the clock she’s a wife and …

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Agragen Licenses DuPont Patents

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Agragen LLC has reached an agreement concerning a family of patents held by DuPont Pioneer to manipulate fatty acid in plant profiles.  The company is focused on creating a high-yielding camelina, or false flax, with the same omega-3 fatty acid found in fish oil. “By sustainably producing these bioactive fatty acids, which are so important for human health and disease, we …

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Pioneer Brand Planish High Oleic Soybeans Expanding

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DuPont Pioneer and Perdue AgriBusiness are making plans to more than double the acreage of Pioneer brand Planish high oleic soybeans.  Beginning 2017 the soybeans will be grown in Maryland, Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. Mid-Atlantic growers will have the opportunity to recieve a grain premium with a high oleic contract.  Participating growers will be able to deliver …

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DuPont Pioneer Advances Biofortification of Sorghum

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DuPont Pioneer and Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International are excited about a new sorghum breakthrough.  Researchers have found that increasing vitamin E and beta-carotene in the grain improves the availability and longevity of beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the body.  For nations with a prevalence of vitamin A deficiency, this finding could be especially meaningful. “For children up …

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Pioneer Introduces New Alfalfa Varieties

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Alfalfa growers will now have access to DuPont Pioneer‘s HarvXtra technology.  The exclusive varieties offer significant lignin reduction that enables producers to grow a higher quality hay, no matter when they cut. “These varieties are part of the DuPont Pioneer commitment to improving forage quality at every stage,” said Dan Wiersma, DuPont Pioneer alfalfa business manager. “They increase the level …

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DuPont Pioneer Commits $175,000 to Education

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Teachers who are implementing Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) are now eligible for grants, thanks to DuPont Pioneer and the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE).   The promised $175,000 will assist teachers with funding for training, equipment, materials and end-of-course online assessments CASE is a multi-year approach to teaching students about agriculture through hands-on, inquiry focused learning activities. …

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