BASF: Knowing the Enemy is Key in Weed War

Cindy Zimmerman

The first defense in the war against weeds is knowing the enemy, according to BASF Crop Protection. A recent BASF survey found that 76 percent of growers have made changes to their weed management programs to address weed resistance and proper weed identification is fundamental to any effective control program. “The first step in weed control is to know your …

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BASF Offers Advice for Early Weed Control

Cindy Zimmerman

Experts agree the best way to improve yields, control weeds and fight resistance is early season weed control. “Effective weed management today means starting the growing season with a clean weed-free seedbed,” said Bryan Young, Ph.D., Associate Professor of weed science, Purdue University. “That typically means tillage in corn and in some cases a spring burndown in soybeans. Then make …

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Innvictis Launch of EndurX Technology Platform

Jamie Johansen

Innvictis Crop Care, LLC, announces the launch of EndurX Technology Platform. Developed and tested in 2012 and 2013, Innvictis will be launching its first product containing EndurX in 2014. EndurX was developed to improve the performance of key insecticide technologies. EndurX Technology is a patented technology platform that improves the activity and performance of contact pesticides. Endurx is premixed with …

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Monsanto Research Program Announces Grants

Jamie Johansen

Monsanto Company has announced that six new recipients will be awarded research grants as part of the Corn Rootworm Knowledge Research Program. The program, which started in early 2013 and recently was extended to 2016, provides merit-based awards of up to $250,000 per award per year for up to three years for outstanding research projects that address specific aspects of …

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BASF Helps Fight Resistant Tumbleweeds

Cindy Zimmerman

Some folks may think of tumbleweeds as just ghostly balls of fluff that float innocently across the prairie like overgrown dust bunnies. In reality, they are rolling bombs of resistant weeds that can scatter their seeds for miles. Bob Leisy is a business representative with BASF based in Colorado who talked about the effort to control resistant tumbleweeds at the …

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No Till Products of the Year from BASF

Cindy Zimmerman

No-till farmers gave top honors to BASF products Headline AMP® fungicide and Sharpen® herbicide at the recent 22nd Annual National No-Tillage Conference in Springfield, Illinois. This is the eighth consecutive win for Headline AMP fungicide in the top fungicide product category. Headline AMP fungicide is labeled for corn application. On-farm field trials from 2013 show Headline AMP fungicide delivers 11.7 …

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