Updates on BASF Headline AMP and Priaxor

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basf-brianneAt the recent BASF Media Summit, Technical Marketing Specialist Brianne Reeves gave an update on in-furrow and foliar applications of BASF fungicides, including Headline AMP on corn and Priaxor on soybeans.

We usually think of Headline AMP being used on field corn, but Brianne told us about a trial done in Belle Glade, Florida on sweet corn for control of Northern corn leaf blight. “That trial has been run for five years and for five years running Headline AMP has won in that trial in disease control and with yield for marketable crates of sweet corn that go to market,” she said.

Brianne says Priaxor was just approved for use in soybeans in April of this year and she discussed how using it in-furrow to start, followed up by a foliar application “will help protect that soybean plant in the beginning when it’s just getting out of the ground and at those reproductive stages when yield is really being set.”

Listen to my interview with Brianne here: [wpaudio url=”http://www.zimmcomm.biz/basf/basf-media-14-reeves.mp3″ text=”Interview with Brianne Reeves, BASF”]

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