5th Asian Conference on Precision Agriculture

Melissa Sandfort

The 5th Asian Conference on Precision Agriculture (ACPA) will be held June 25-28, 2013, on Jeju Island, Republic of Korea. As an initiative in precision agriculture research and application in Asia, ACPA aims to introduce and discuss Asian model of precision agriculture, connect people, and improve academic collaboration between different institutions and disciplines. The conference connects representatives from business and …

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SPADE Project Seeks to Improve Data Exchange Processes

Melissa Sandfort

AgGateway’s Precision Ag Council has launched a new project that will improve the data exchange processes that drive the use of precision agriculture field equipment for such major operations as seeding, tillage, spraying, fertilizing and harvesting. The Standardized Precision Ag Data Exchange (SPADE) project is intended to streamline and encourage adoption of precision ag practices. Currently, costs for exchanging data …

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Precision Ag Action Summit 2013

Melissa Sandfort

The second Red River Valley Research Corridor Precision Agriculture Summit is being co-hosted by the Red River Valley Research Corridor and North Dakota Farmers Union. Attendees will hear from experts and presenters on a number of topics, including the state of precision agriculture, upcoming trends, technological applications, and opportunities for successful implementation. Attending the summit offers hands on and technical …

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New App From Rabo AgriFinance

Melissa Sandfort

Rabo AgriFinance has launched a new interactive mobile application for the iPad, to provide valuable financing information and enable growers to make informed seed purchasing decisions. The app is targeted to vendor finance customers of Rabo AgriFinance, which includes input manufacturers, ag retailers and producers, and can be downloaded from the iTunes store. There is also a function that allows …

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Leica Adds Experts to Precision Ag Team

Melissa Sandfort

Leica Geosystems has recently appointed multiple industry experts to further strengthen the growing precision agriculture business. These appointments reflect Leica Geosystems’ objective of being the leading provider of positioning and technology solutions to the agricultural sector. Johan Arnberg was appointed as the new President of Machine Control Division, which includes the responsibility for Leica Geosystems Agriculture. Robert Johnson, former Global …

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New Nitrogen Study Released

Melissa Sandfort

Plants’ ability to absorb increased levels of carbon dioxide in the air may have been overestimated, a new University of Minnesota study shows. The study, published this week in the journal Nature Climate Change, shows that even though plants absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide and actually can benefit from higher levels of it, they may not get enough of …

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Sightings Contest Launches FS InVISION Seed Corn

Melissa Sandfort

Shawn Kinkade of Piper City, Ill., was selected as the winner of a social media contest in which people reported sightings of the new FS InVISION™ logo. Kinkade’s photograph showed the logo prominently displayed on a fertilizer storage tank at the Heritage FS facility near Herscher, Ill. The contest was launched to raise awareness of the newly re-branded FS seed …

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Expiration of the 2008 Farm Bill

Melissa Sandfort

The National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) is one of 15 agricultural organizations issuing joint statement today on the expiration of the 2008 farm bill: The 2008 law governing many of our nation’s farm policies expired on Sunday, September 30th, and the 2012 Farm Bill needed to replace it is bottled up in Congress. While the Senate and the House …

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Yield Advantage with Optimum AQUAmax Products

Melissa Sandfort

New Pioneer brand Optimum® AQUAmax™ products from DuPont Pioneer demonstrated a significant yield advantage in the second year of on-farm evaluations in North America during unprecedented drought conditions. On more than 4,000 side-by-side comparisons with competitive products, preliminary 2012 yield data from Pioneer shows an advantage of more than 8 percent with Optimum AQUAmax products in water-limited environments and almost …

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Act Now to Manage Nutrients for 2013

Melissa Sandfort

As winter approaches, it’s the best time to determine if crops hit by the 2012 drought left any residual nitrogen (N) or other nutrients in your soil profile. Residual soil nitrates can be higher after a drought where N was applied. This happens because of decreased downward soil water movement and reduced N uptake by drought-stressed plants. The effect of …

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