USDA’s Drive in Support of Rural Communities

Jamie Johansen

USDA Rural Development was on hand during last week’s NAFB Trade Talk to share their work with rural communities across the United States and promote the use of #MyFarmBill. I spoke with Colleen Callahan, Illinois State Director for Rural Development, during the event and she was eager to express their commitment to rural communities and their passion for brining value …

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NAFB Night of Honors

Jamie Johansen

The National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) bestowed honors on many deserving individuals last week – the best of the best. We’ll start with the new members of the NAFB Hall of Fame. Johnnie Hood was one of our very first friends in NAFB, back in the day when he served as president in 1985 at the midpoint of his …

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2013 PrecisionAg Awards of Excellence

Chuck Zimmerman

During the InfoAg Conference the 2013 PrecisionAg Awards of Excellence were presented, sponsored by the PrecisionAg Institute. Announcing the awards was Paul Schrimpf, Group Editor, Croplife Media Group and posing with each of the winners is K. Elliott Nowels, Meister Media Group. First up: Crop Adviser/Entrepreneur Award Laserplane Arkansas, Inc. The next award: Educator/Researcher Award Dr. John Fulton, Auburn University …

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John Deere Shows Work in Key Trends at InfoAg

John Davis

Keeping up with new trends in precision agriculture can be a little easier with the right partner company. Just before one of the sponsors innovation showcases at the 2013 InfoAg Conference, Chuck caught up with Patrick Sikora from John Deere (on the left in the picture), who said his company is highlighting some of the key trends in precision agriculture …

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GEOSYS: Good Decisions from Good Information

John Davis

Making good decisions on the farm has a lot to do with knowledge and hard work. But the best knowledge and the hardest work can be undone if you’re starting with bad information. To help farmers get the best information Geosys has just announced the Field Profit Planner, a comprehensive tool for farmers and their advisors who pursue high efficiency …

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Monsanto: Precision Farming Part of Conservation

John Davis

Monsanto was one of the sponsors on the recent Conservation Technology Information Center tour in Livingston County, Ill., and Chuck caught up with the company’s Emilio Oyarzabal, who said the CTIC’s work is very important to Monsanto and its customers. “We need agriculture more than ever,” Emilio said, but he added that farmers are being accused of doing environmental damage. …

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SPADE Digs Into Precision Information

John Davis

Having lots of data is good for precision farming, but that data has to meet certain standards for it to mean anything consistently for users on the other end. That’s why the 2013 InfoAg Conference on precision agriculture addressed the subject with Jim Wilson, Standards Director, for Ag Gateway, a non-profit organization that looks to promote, enable and expand e-business …

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Reaping the Rewards of Good Soil Investment

John Davis

“The wealth of Illinois is in her soil, and her strength lies in its intelligent development.” That quote was from one of the first presidents of the University of Illinois almost 200 years, but attendees of the recent Conservation Technology Information Center tour in Livingston County, Ill., heard it reiterated by Jean Payne, President of the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical …

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Precision Adds Profitability to Peanut Farming

Cindy Zimmerman

The theme of the 2013 Southern Peanut Growers Conference was “Making Sustainability Work” and one important aspect of sustainability is profitability. To that end, one of the greatest advancements in farming sustainability and profitability over the past decade or so has come from the use of precision technology. “One of the biggest things we can offer them is guidance,” said …

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Social Media Analytics

Chuck Zimmerman

I was very surprised during yesterday’s Social Media session at the 2013 InfoAg Conference by how many session attendees are actively using social media for company use. I asked for a show of hands if they had a company Twitter account and almost everyone raised their hand, the same when I asked if they had a company Facebook page. That’s …

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