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  1. Chuck –

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog as it helps me keep up with industry news very quickly first thing in the morning. I am wondering if you guys have thought about enabling other precision ag companies, like mine, to advertize your website on our own website. I think your service is valuable and would like to consider posting a small banner or icon that visitors to my site could use to easily access yours. I already have a link to your site in my Precision Ag Links section, but I think an icon with your logo might be more visible and could be posted more clearly as I work on re-designing my website.

    Thanks for what you offer our industry and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Gabe Moudy

    South Plains Precision Ag, Inc.

    Plainview, TX

  2. Dear Sir

    India is an agriculture economy where agriculture contributes to 15% of National Income and 25% of GDP. It provides employment to around 60% population in India.

    Your web portal has a high potential in India as a number of equipment manufacturers would like to advertise their products through your portal.

    We value your Web Portal as a leading one & feel we can mutually benefit by undergoing a barter agreement with each other for our show ISRMEX India website: http://www.isrmexindia.com

    If you are interested, please let us know so that we can send you our proposal.

    Thanks & Regards


    Pixie Consulting Sol. Ltd.

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