New Case IH Precision Air Cart

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It’s nice to see more ISOBUS compliant electronics on equipment, such as with the new Case IH Precision Air 3580 air cart. All systems can be controlled and monitored from the cab thanks to ISO 11783 compliant electronics–such as the Case IH AFS Pro 600 or AFS 300 display. Engineered for large acreage small grain growers who need to cover … Read More

Bread from Precision Agriculture by EarthGrains

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Sara Lee is taking a unique approach to market its 100% Natural line of EarthGrain brand bread. They are promoting wheat, known as Eco-Grain, grown by precision farming growers who use variable rate fertilizer driven by satellite imagery. And they’re calling it a movement, “Helping to preserve the earth, one field at a time.” Horizon Milling (a joint venture between … Read More

Farmer Uses Insight To Start Precision Farming

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Young farmers often have a drive for efficiency, and technology. North Plate, Neb., grower Nathan Kramer is no different. He knows the tools of precision agriculture can get him there. But data holds the key. “If you don’t know where you’re at, it’s hard to tell where you’re going,” Nathan says, with regard to their lack of baseline yield data. … Read More

Precision Air Hoe Drill from New Holland

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Precision seed placement of small-seeded crops with an air hoe drill has been improved. With durability and innovation reflective of its Flexi-Coil heritage, New Holland’s new P2070 precision air hoe drill provides the ultimate in precision seed placement with adjustable individual opener depth control. It works up to 70-feet wide, yet folds into a compact, narrow package for transport. “Everyone talks … Read More

Precision Farming Australia Style

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Competing with neighboring farms and other US farmers has long been a stimulus to help farmers adopt tools of precision agriculture that improve efficiency. But in our global economy, it’s always wise to track what other farmers around the globe are doing. To this end, check out how this 43-year-old Australian farmer is using precision farming tools for efficiency, as … Read More

Precision Fertility Research For Wheat

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It’s great to see more federal research, especially in the often neglected crop of wheat, to help growers understand why yields can vary greatly across 80 acres. As precision farming tools continue to tell us, such in-field yield variation has to do with the soil–its physical, chemical and biological characteristics. Thanks to cooperation between USDA-NRCS and M&M Cooperative in Sterling, … Read More