Sugar Farmers Address Farm Bill Policy

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Galen Lee, President of the American Sugarbeet Growers Association, addressed the audience at Agri-Pulse’s Farm Bill Summit last week. The sugar industry is currently dealing with lower sugar prices than when Jimmy Carter was in office, so the importance of a strong safety net can’t be understated. “While we are smaller than other crops we still support 142,000 jobs in … Read More

Syngenta Announces New Sugarbeet Hybrids

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Five new hybrids are being added to Syngenta’s 2017 Hilleshog sugarbeet portfolio. The new varieties offer an excellent sugar content along side improved disease and pest tolerance traits. Syngenta recommends getting these new hybrids off to a great start with critical seed protection like CruiserMaxx Sugarbeets treatment, Vibrance seed treatment fungicide, or Clariva pn seed treatment nematicide for the most successful … Read More

New Traits Offer Better Resistance to Curly Top Virus

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The USDA has developed a new breeding line for sugar beet germ plasm.  The result could be a new variety of sugar crop that can stand up to the sugar beet curly top virus. The disease is cased by small insects known as “beet leafhoppers” transferring a virus that results in yellow, curled leaves.  Outbreaks of the disease can reduce … Read More

KWS, Monsanto Aim To Improve Sugarbeet Technology

Taylor TruckeyKWS, Monsanto, Sugarbeets

This week Monsanto and KWS announced they will be extending their partnership to focus on helping U.S. and Canadian sugarbeet growers manage tough-to-control weeds. The new technology will aim to deliver tolerance to three different herbicides — glyphosate, glufosinate and dicamba — and is expected to be commercially available in the middle of the next decade, pending regulatory approvals. “We … Read More