BASF Polls on Resistant Weeds and Protecting Soybeans

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With all the talk about herbicide-resistant weeds this year, some farmers are still not concerned about the issue, according to our most recent BASF Production Poll. 37.5% of respondents said they don’t have resistant weeds (at least not yet!). However, the same number said they would be using a mix of methods to control or prevent resistance – pre-emergence herbicide, … Read More

How Are You Controlling Resistant Weeds?

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Our first BASF Production Poll is in the can and it was no surprise to find that growers are overwhelmingly optimistic about the 2012 growing season. According to the poll: 65% of farmers think things are looking up this year. 29% say it’s about the same Just 6% think this year will be worse and that winter did their fields … Read More

Introducing BASF Production Poll

Cindy ZimmermanBASF, Farmers, production poll

With the 2012 crop year now underway, we’re introducing the BASF Production Poll. This new poll will be conducted twice each month during the season with timely questions that we think both farmers and non-farmers alike will find interesting. We’d love to hear from you. So let’s get started with our first one. How do you think the 2012 growing … Read More