Monsanto, Deere End Acquisition of Precision Planting

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, John Deere, Monsanto, Precision Planting

Deere & Company is disappointed to announce that, under pressure from the Department of Justice, Monsanto Company is ending the 2015 agreement that would have allowed Deere to acquire Precision Planting LLC. A digital collaboration between Deere and The Climate Corporation, along with an expansion of access between Ag Leader and Precision Planting, have also been terminated. “We are deeply disappointed in … Read More

Register for Precision Planting’s Winter Conference

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Precision Planting has built a reputation for it’s Winter Conference.  Attendees expect  valuable agronomic education and a full understanding of the reasons behind farming practices.  Now the event will not only be in at the central Illinois headquarters in Tremont, Illinois, but will simulcast in three other locations in North America. Farmers can choose which day and which location to attend, … Read More

Deere and Ag Leader Reach Licensing Agreement

Kelly MarshallAg Leader, Agribusiness, John Deere, Precision Planting

Ag Leader and Deere & Company have announced a licensing agreement for Precision Planting’s SeedTube and related planting products.  The agreement states that Ag Leader, a precision competitor, may use Deere technologies and licenses to manufacture and sell the Precision Planting SeedTubes and related technology, including vSet, vDrive and DeltaForce.  Of course, this is contingent on Deere’s acquisition of Precision … Read More

Acquisition of Precision Planting Contested

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, John Deere, Precision Planting

The U.S. Department of Justice has blocked John Deere‘s attempt to acquire Precision Planting.  Deere & Company and The Climate Corporation have both announced plans to legally contest that action. Plans for Deere to purchase Precision Planting were announced last November.  Both parties have been fully cooperating in the DOJ’s antitrust review process.  The DOJ states the competitive impact of … Read More

Farmers Edge – Global, Integrated & Independent

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When it comes to precision data technology, farmers today have many choices. Farmers Edge was eager to share what sets them apart from the rest and how they strive to boost growers crop production without forgetting about the need for constant improvement in sustainability efforts. Farmers Edge VP of Marketing, Marina Barnes, said, “We strongly believe you have to have … Read More

Precision Planting Launches vApply And vApplyHD

Taylor TruckeyAgribusiness, agronomy, Crop Protection, Precision Planting, Spraying

Precision Planting is launching a suite of fertility control products. These products will allow a grower to select from vApply, an implement-wide control system, or scale to vApplyHD, a highly accurate row-by-row liquid system. These products will allow growers to execute their fertility plan across the entire range of application rates for all passes through the field. vApply is an … Read More

FurrowJet Maximizes Accurate Nutrient Placement

Taylor TruckeyFertilizer, Planting, Precision Planting

As precision technology continues to become more vital to crop production, Precision Planting has developed a new planter fertilizer attachment called FurrowJet, which accurately places liquid fertilizer in ideal locations for nutrient absorption. The attachment integrates dual-band near furrow (¾”) placement with optional third band in-furrow for maximum plant uptake, rate flexibility, and suited for a wide range of liquid … Read More