CNN Story On Precision Agriculture Via Twitter

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News network CNN talked a little precision farming last week during an interview with western Nebraska farmer Steve Tucker. But the interview focused on what Steve does with his time when his auto steering takes the wheel — he keeps up with friends using Twitter on his smartphone. Nebraska Corn Kernels blog features a good post on the coverage, with … Read More

Precision Agriculture Benefits Presented at United Nations

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“Technology has reduced the amount of herbicides and pesticides needed, requiring less energy per bushel produced, thus reducing our carbon footprint.” That was one of many precision farming efficiency messages delivered by Rob Korff last week at a United Nations food security meeting. Korff, Missouri family farmer and chairman of the National Corn Growers Association Biotechnology Working Group, explained how … Read More

Precision Farming In India

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Part of India’s National Agriculture Development Program (NADP) promotes a precision farming technique that is gaining popularity, according to a recent story in India’s national newspaper, The Hindu. Over the past two years, precision farming techniques have been promoted in 900 hectares across the district in various crops including sugarcane, maize, brinjal, tomato, onion, tapioca, sunflower and groundnut. With installation of … Read More

Cap And Trade And Precision Farming

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The benefits of precision farming to help capture carbon in farm fields is receiving press within the current debate of the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy & Security Act, a.k.a. (HR2454). While controversy surrounds this bill on several fronts–from lack of offset inclusion for agriculture to larger energy costs being pushed back to consumers–North Dakota farmer and National Farmers Union (NFU) president … Read More

Precision Air Seeding From Raven & Seed Hawk

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This fall, a new line of precision application and planter section control will be offered on the Canadian Seed Hawk line of seeders, controlled by Raven’s Viper Pro, thanks to a collaboration by the two companies. The first of these solutions combines fertilizer and seed section control from Raven with patent-pending seeder technology from Seed Hawk. Known as Sectional Control … Read More

Precision Farmer Of The Year

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The PrecisionAg Institute, formed and managed by CropLife Media Group, just announced their 2009 precision agriculture awards that include a top farmer, crop advisor, educator and legacy award winners. Farmer of the year is Robert Blair, who is not your typical dryland Idaho farmer. While his passions rank family and farming first, he is also staunchly dedicated to promoting precision … Read More

Trimble Acquires NTech & GreenSeeker Technology

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Trimble expands its precision agriculture solutions offering by acquiring NTech, a leading provider of crop-sensing technology GreenSeeker and WeedSeeker. NTech products use optical sensing and variable rate application to apply only the inputs needed to maximize crop yield. The GreenSeeker nitrogen application system determines the health of a plant in real time and delivers the optimum amount of nitrogen. The … Read More

Precision Planting Saves Thousands Of Dollars

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It’s nice to see the general media cover agriculture from a positive technology standpoint. This recent story in the Janesville (Wisc.) Gazette highlights how precision agriculture tools help farmers cut costs.  Chuck Pope uses global positioning software in the cab of his tractor as a guide as he plants thousands of acres of corn in Walworth, Rock and Jefferson counties … Read More

Concerns with GPS Satellites and Future Viability

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If you’ve heard news about potential failure of satellites in the GPS constellation by 2010…the sky is not falling and it’s not time to panic. Is there concern? Yes. A study just released by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) shows that the Air Force (which maintains the system) and suppliers have not lived up to their promises of replacing … Read More

Auto Steer Helps Recover Wet Spring Delays

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Rain delays always impede timely planting in areas of the country every spring. But thanks to precision farming tools like GPS-guided auto steer, farmers like Johnny Verell near Jackson, Tenn. can make up for lost time.  “It takes a lot of the stress out of planting,” Verell told Monsanto Today. “We can cover more ground and work at night a … Read More