Cotton Picker in Action

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I told you I’d get to see the new John Deere 7760 Self Propelled Cotton Picker in action. This bad boy will be ready for sales next year but growers can call their local dealer to get an on-farm demonstration. I liked the American flag touch. It was waving in the nice breeze we had all day. There were also … Read More

Picking Cotton at Sunbelt Ag Expo

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At Sunbelt Ag Expo, the John Deere 7760 Cotton Picker is getting a lot of attention. The new machines should be available for next year but they have several out in the field including one here at this show. I’m hoping to get some video of it in action in just a little while in fact. This morning I spoke … Read More

Precision Mitigates High Input Costs

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Crop input costs are continually rising, but reports that precision farming technology is helping keep overall costs at bay. A recent article suggests farmers are receiving substantial paybacks for investing in precision agriculture technology. “Research shows that growers are gaining back their investment in precision ag technology faster than we thought – often in just one to three years,” … Read More

Cotton Growers Embrace Precision

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About half of the nation’s cotton growers are practicing precision agriculture. reports that the use of precision technology among cotton growers grew from just 18 percent in 2001 to 48 percent in 2005. There are a number of reasons for this increase. First, changes in farming practices requires more precision and repeatability, such as the use of subsurface irrigation … Read More

More Precision Agriculture in Cotton

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At last week’s Beltwide Cotton Conferences I got to interview Patrick Sikora, John Deere Ag Management Solutions Group, about the new technology available for cotton growers. He works in their new development area. Patrick says that cotton growers have been some of the earliest adopters of precision farming technology but that there may be some not familiar with products like … Read More

Cotton Picking For Producers

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John Deere is on display in Nashville, TN at the Beltwide Cotton Conferences. We know that the company has a new 7760 Self Propelled Cotton Picker out which was announced at last fall’s product launch. So to learn more about it and how it fits into a precision management plan, I spoke with Jamie Flood, Product Marketing Manager, just as … Read More