New GreenSeeker Precision Products To Save Fertilizer

Kurt LawtonCompany Announcement, Corn, Equipment, Farmers

GreenSeeker, the optical-sensing system from N-Tech that applies the right amount of Nitrogen based on plant readings from on-the-go sensors, offers several new products.

  • The GreenSeeker RT200-4 Variable Rate Application and Mapping System uses four sensors across an applicator rig that is 60 ft. wide or smaller. Suggested list price is $18,500.
  • The GreenSeeker RT150-3 Mapping System produces high-quality real-time vigor maps using three sensors. It can be upgraded to the RT200 variable-rate capabilities, and it lists for $13,000.
  • The GreenSeeker RT Commander Pro Software Upgrade allows users to combine historic data with real-time field data to optimize prescription rates in field management zones.

I wrote a story on this concept for Progressive Farmer magazine, called “Crop Sensors Come of Age.” Check it out.