Hick Chick Chat with BASF Seed Enhancements

Leah GuffeyASTA, Audio, BASF, Hick Chick Chat

In order to help growers maximize yield potential and get the most out of every acre, BASF offers its complete portfolio of Advanced Seed Enhancements including inoculents, colorants, and biological and chemical seed treatments The BASF Advanced Seed Enhancements portfolio is the result of extensive research in the laboratory and field. At the recent ASTA CSS 2013 in Chicago, BASF … Read More

CropLife Foundation Seed Treatment Report

Cindy ZimmermanASTA, seed

Croplife Foundation has released a new report on “The Role of Seed Treatment in Modern U.S. Crop Production” which contains extensive information on the benefits of seed treatment for growers, consumers and the environment. Among the findings of the report: Seed treatments offer effective control against early-season pests and diseases, and reduce the need for additional rescue treatments or replanting. … Read More

Cover Crop Seed Growth

Cindy ZimmermanASTA, Audio, Conservation, farm land, Nutrient Management

With cover crops becoming increasingly important for farmers to provide nutrients and protect against erosion, different varieties are being developed to address specific needs. At the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) CSS & Seed Expo in Chicago last week, Risa DeMasi with Grassland Oregon, who is second vice chairman of ASTA, enlightened attendees about what they are doing to develop … Read More

BASF on Cutting Edge of Seed Enhancement

Jamie JohansenASTA, Audio, BASF, seed

The just released CropLife Foundation report shows just how important seed treatment is becoming for agricultural production and today at the ASTA CSS 2013 and Seed Expo we heard how BASF Crop Protection has moved to the forefront of seed enhancement to help farmers get the most out of every acre. “Seed enhancement is one of the fastest growing segments … Read More

Biotech Crops Alliance Names Secretariat

Jamie JohansenAFBF, Ag Group, ASTA, NCGA

An alliance of organizations supporting biotech crops has named a leader to help “spearhead collaborative efforts to improve the environment for technology innovation and the market for U.S. crops produced through modern biotechnology.” Dr. Michael J. Phillips has been selected as the first secretariat for the U.S. Biotech Crops Alliance (USBCA), which was established by several organizations under a memorandum … Read More

Being a Good Steward of Treated Seeds

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A guide to seed treatment stewardship is a new project by the American Seed Trade Association along with a collaboration of seed companies, researchers and organizations like CropLife America, National Corn Growers Association and Farm Bureau. Growers will soon find “The Guide to Seed Treatment Stewardship” online. I spoke with Andy Lavigne, ASTA President/CEO, during Commodity Classic about this project … Read More