CropLife Foundation Seed Treatment Report

Cindy ZimmermanASTA, seed

CropLife FoundationCroplife Foundation has released a new report on “The Role of Seed Treatment in Modern U.S. Crop Production” which contains extensive information on the benefits of seed treatment for growers, consumers and the environment.

Among the findings of the report:

Seed treatments offer effective control against early-season pests and diseases, and reduce the need for additional rescue treatments or replanting.

Seed treatment protects and contributes value to a large proportion of seed that has been enhanced through agricultural technologies.

Crop protection products applied as seed treatments can reduce soil surface exposure by up to 90 percent compared to other application methods.

Through increased protection and greater crop yields, seed treatments helped contribute to nearly $80 billion worth of value to American corn growers in 2011.

Find out more details about the report here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”CropLife Foundation Press Conference”]