NR Gene Assembles Strawberry Genome

Joanna SchroederFruit, Genotyping

NRGene has successfully assembled the strawberry genome. While most plant, animal and human genomes are diploid with two variant for each gene, the strawberry has eight nearly identical copies of each gene. According to NRGene, this has made accurate phasing difficult, until the company used its DeNovoMAGICTM 3.0. In only two weeks, the octoploid, heterozygous strawberry genome was assembled using … Read More

New Advanta Seeds & Texas A&M Biotech Research Station

Joanna Schroederseed, technology

A new Advanta Seeds biotech research station is in the works following a new partnership between Advanta and Texas A&M AgriLife Research. The goal of the facility, which will support all global Advanta Seeds research programs, is to further seed technology R&D. The research will focus on several key crops: sorghum, tropical and subtropical corn, hot peppers and corn. In … Read More

Powdery Mildew No Challenge for FMC’s Rhyme

Joanna SchroederAgribusiness, Audio, FMC, Fungicides

Powdery mildew has been a major challenge for California growers this year, in fact, according to Tim Ksander, technical manager for FMC, one of the worst these growers have ever encountered. Powdery mildew is an interesting disease, Ksander told AgWired during the recent 2016 CAPCA Conference & Agri-Expo, because the disease infests numerous crops. However, there are different genera and … Read More

FMC Offers New Fungicides

Joanna SchroederAudio, FMC, Fungicides

“This is one of the most exciting times to be at FMC,” Kaustubh Borah, segment manager for specialty crops, told AgWired during the 42nd annual CAPCA Conference & Agri-Expo. With the acquisition of Cheminova, FMC’s fungicide portfolio has expanded. For instance, in the TF&V segment FMC now has some new fungicides along with some insecticides and herbicides to complement the … Read More

CAPCA Honors FMC PCA Advisor

Joanna SchroederAudio, CAPCA, FMC

Each year, the California Association of Pest Control Advisors (CAPCA) honors a member with its “PCA Advisor of the Year Award and Service to CAPCA.” The highest honor given by the association was awarded to Henry “Buck” Buckwalter, state regulatory government affairs manager for FMC, during the 2016 Conference & Agri-Expo luncheon. The 42nd annual event was held at the … Read More

Agri-Pulse Polls Shows Trump Leads in Ag

Joanna SchroederGovernment

A new nationwide poll commissioned by Agri-Pulse reveals that a majority of farmers and ranchers favor Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. Fifty-five percent of those surveyed said they support Republican Trump while 18 percent indicated they support Democrat Clinton. Only 2 percent plan to vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and just 1 percent for … Read More


Joanna SchroederCAPCA, Crop Protection, FMC, Pesticides, Video

CAPTAIN CAPCA and Dr Foe battled it out this morning in their last meeting to kick off the 42nd annual California Association of Pest Control Advisors (CAPCA). The event took place in no better place for a superhero and villain – Disneyland – in Anaheim, California October 16-18, 2016. This year’s theme is Feeding the Nation – Fighting the Fear … Read More

New Holland’s Propane Tractor a Hit

Joanna SchroederAgribusiness, Audio, Equipment, Farm Progress Show, New Holland, propane

Powered by propane on the farm has new meaning with New Holland’s launch of the third-generation Alternative Fuels Tractor prototype powered by propane autogas. The propane tractor was a hit during the recent Farm Progress Show. I got all the details about the cutting-edge tractor from New Holland’s Mike Cornman who said the concept tractor can also be adapted to run … Read More

It’s Always the Right Time for an #Ag Career

Joanna SchroederAgribusiness, Education

A career in agribusiness may not be high on your list of things to do, but if you have grown up in a farming community, it’s a natural route. While it helps to have a good understanding of the agricultural business, an in-depth knowledge is not necessary. People working in agribusiness pursue a wide range of different careers, from helping … Read More

New Holland Showcases Next Gen Balers

Joanna SchroederAgribusiness, Audio, Equipment, Farm Progress Show, New Holland

Several years ago the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published the Billion Ton biomass report and recently made an updated version available. The study shows that there is more than 1 billion tons of biomass available to be used for bio-products including biofuels. For many years, New Holland has been committed to growers who harvest biomass and when the … Read More