Trial Data Shows Yield Increase with Bayer’s ILeVO

Kelly MarshallBayer CropScience, seed, Soybeans

Growers struggling with Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) or Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) will appreciate the trial results of Bayer‘s ILeVO seed treatment across the U.S. University and Demo trials showed measurable yield benefit in combating both SDS and SCN- the two top yield robbers in almost every soybean growing state.

Topline results from 2011-2016 university trials show that 2016 ILeVO yield increases are on par with the past four-year average of 4.7 bu/A. SDS trials across 21 variety locations report an average yield increase of 4.7 bu/A in 2016. Yield increases were even greater than 10 bu/A at sites with higher levels of disease infestations.

Across soybean growing states, 304 demo trials were executed to measure the ILeVO yield benefit on a range of plots. Side-by-side demos saw an average yield increase of 3 bu/A, while demos with documented visual symptoms showed an average yield benefit of 3.7 bu/A. Even demos without documented visual symptoms of SDS showed an average yield benefit of 2.7 bu/A.

“We’re proud to see that ILeVO is continuing to perform consistently in 2016,” said Jeremiah Mullock, Bayer seed treatment product development. “It’s important to note that our 304 demo trials reported a 76 percent positive response. It shows that the yield benefit appeared across the trials and not just in a few plots. ILeVO is continuing to demonstrate its return value for growers across varying levels of disease pressure.”