SARL Leaders Explore CommonGround Approach

Kelly MarshallAg Group, NCGA, USB

CommonGround volunteer Dawn Caldwell from Edgar Nebraska recently addressed the State and Ag Rural Leaders (SARL),informing them how the program connects farm women with urban and suburban women with concerns about food, farming and ranching. Caldwell was part of a panel and focus group that came together to help attendees better understand both consumer concerns and ways to better communicate with them.

The panel address topics like GMOs, pesticides, grocery purchasing patters and antibiotic and hormone use. Caldwell shared her own experiences from six years of participating in the CommonGround program, talking about their positive approach and asking state leaders to launch the program in states where it does not yet exist.

CommonGround is funded through the checkoff program by the United Soybean Board and the National Corn Growers Association.