#NAFB16 Amplifies United Soybean Board Message

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nafb-united-soybean-board-ron-ohlde Ron Ohlde, Director of the United Soybean Board, came to the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk event to get the word out about the work being done on behalf of soy growers.

The United Soybean Board handles the Checkoff dollars, and Ohlde and the team there are committed to making investments that give producers the best return on their money. One such investment is the High Oleic soybean.

“That is a new program that Checkoff is heavily invested in. We’re trying to address some of those issues, like trans fat where we lost some of the marketshare. High Oleic is replacing it, so we’re trying to regain that marketshare, both domestic and abroad,” Ohlde shared with me.

So far the program has surprised him with its success. Yields are similar to other varieties of soybeans and tests for protein levels have been impressive. “The project is really looking strong,” Ohlde says.

Other investment projects include: foams for seats used by the Ford motor company, paints and of course, biodiesel, along with a broad spectrum of other uses. Projects are chosen based on their alignment with the organization’s new Strategic Plan– a plan now in its second year that overhaul the previous program entirely.

Part of that plan and the direction of the Soybean Board is sustainability; but from the perspective of the entire supply chain, rather than just the point of view of the grower.

Learn more about the United Soybean Board’s efforts in my full interview: [wpaudio url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/zimmcomm/nafb-16-ohlde.mp3″ text=”Interview with Ron Ohelde, United Soybean Board”]

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