Zeal Miticide Registered for Use on Soybeans

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, EPA, Soybeans

logo_zeal_2 The EPA has registered Valent U.S.A. Corporation’s Zeal SC Miticide for soybeans.  Zeal offers soy growers long-lasting control of spider mites.

Zeal helps prevent the yield-loss potential caused by two-spotted spider mites and other spider mite species that could feed in soybeans. The mode of action of Zeal ensures at least three weeks or more of residual control, enabling growers to target all stages of a mite’s life cycle, from egg to adult. This residual aids in helping to control multiple generations and ultimately in protecting the crop.

“Soybean growers now have a new tool with a long-lasting residual for managing mites and preserving yields,” said Katie Tougeron, marketing manager at Valent. “The fast-acting translaminar activity in Zeal is unique among miticides that are currently available to soybean growers.”

Soybeans are now the fourth crop to receive registration for Zeal. Corn, cotton and melons have already had access to the product. Soybean registration was sought after Valent noticed a need for a true miticide for soybeans.

“Zeal is a much-needed solution for soybean growers who are struggling to manage mite populations,” said Carlos Granadino, product development manager for Valent. “Mite damage in soybeans is prevalent in drought and dry conditions, which for many soybean geographies, is an annual occurrence.”

Growers appreciate the low application rate of Zeal, as well as the liquid formulation which makes mixing easier. Learn more about the product at valent.com/zeal.