John Deere’s Operations Center Keeps On Growing

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infoag-16-deere-kasparbauer John Deere’s Operations Center is no small project, as Randy Kasparbauer the Software Product Manager for the company told AgWired at last week’s InfoAg Conference.  Users of this platform can upload their data and have access to not only John Deere’s many helpful apps, but a growing number of third party programs as well, without the need to duplicate information.

“It’s really a visual platform for all the agronomic and machine data growers are collecting all over the world,” Kasparbauer explains.  “We have really great technology with John Deere. Being able to operate equipment and collect really useful data from that equipment and have it stored and made visible through the Operation Center, but then that data is also accessible through the data platform to these third party companies.”

While John Deere has spent considerable time creating their own apps for their customers, the work done for the Operations Center allows third parties to share what they specialize in, meaning growers get the most value for their data, Kasparbauer told Chuck Zimmermann.

It isn’t a simple, straightforward system, but the company has seen growth in the number of third parties that can access the John Deere API.  And they expect this number to keep growing.  In fact, the Operation Center is also ready to integrate visualizations from third parties, making the platform more valuable than ever.

To learn more about the John Deere Operations Center, listen to Chuck’s interview here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Randy Kasparbauer, John Deere Operations Center”]

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