Mavrx – The Uber of Aerial Imagery

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Mavrx is working hard to become the Uber of aerial imagery. The company was showcasing it’s unique business for growers across the country during this year’s InfoAg conference that took place in St. Louis, Missouri. To learn more, Chuck Zimmerman stopped by Mavrx’s booth and spoke with Max Bruner to get an update on the company.

unnamed-3Bruner said that the company has taken a few years to get the science, the economics and the utility of imaging right. “And really this past year has been a critical year of scaling for us,” he said. “Really the message is that Mavrx is open for business across the country. We have a system that scales across pretty much entirety of U.S. corn, soybean and wheat production. Wherever you do business we’re ready to work with you,” added Bruner.

So how exactly does their Uber aerial imagery model work? Bruner explained that similar to Uber drivers who own their own cars, Mavrx doesn’t own the aircraft – the pilots do. They work within a dedicated imaging network. “We loan Mavrx proprietary equipment to them. They get an iPad. Mavrx runs the logistics from San Francisco where our headquarters is. Then we manage this aircraft network across the country.

Out of over 40 airports Mavrx has over 100 pilots in their network and it operates both in an on-demand nature  and almost like an AT&T or Verizon infrastructure nature. “From us you buy an imagery plan and then we’re there for you when you need imagery all season long,” said Bruner.

Learn more about Mavrx’s aerial imagery services by listening to Chuck’s interview with Max here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Max Bruner, Mavrx”]

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