Planting Decisions Can Still Include #LibertyLink

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Roger Ward, WLDS Radio, interviews Bayer's Al Luke about LibertyLink

Roger Ward, WLDS Radio, interviews Bayer’s Al Luke about LibertyLink

Spring has sprung and planting has already begun in some areas, but there’s still time to include Bayer Liberty® and LibertyLink® soybeans this crop year.

At the recent Bayer AgVocacy Forum, we talked with Al Luke, Bayer U.S. strategic business lead for row crops, about the LibertyLink system. “We’ve had great uptake this year, we think our sales will be 60-70 percent greater than we had the previous year, but there’s still LibertyLink seed available,” said Luke. “It’s a great technology that provides excellent control of resistant weeds like tall waterhemp and Palmer pigweed and we think it’s something growers should try.”

Luke says the weed resistance has really been the catalyst for growers to change. “A recent survey we saw about 64% of growers said they had a level of weed resistance to glyphosate on their farm – 91 million acres are now resistant to some form of glyphosate … that’s what’s changed,” he said. “And with that change, growers have to look at other technologies.”

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