Iowa Farmers Can Enroll in On-Farm Trials

Kelly MarshallAg Group, Corn, Soybeans

Iowa soybean associationFor Iowa growers looking to participate in test trials, now is the time to enroll.  The Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) On-Farm Network is enrolling farmer’s for both corn and soybean trials.  Currently topics include seed treatment, crop protection, crop management, nitrogen and soil health.

“This year we have a wide array of trials for farmers to choose from,” said Rich Stessman, ISA On-Farm Network field research specialist for Northwest Iowa. “Our program is focused on what Iowa farmers want and need to know to improve their profitability.”

The data created from these trials is a great resource to growers, but the tests also give farmers the chance to try products and practices on their operations.  ISA president Wayne Frederick and been using trails on his farm for years and feels they have been valuable to his business.

“I myself have participated in more than 75 trials to improve the profitability of my farm,” Fredericks said. “From variable rate nitrogen, to cover crops, getting data directly from my own operation is invaluable when it comes to decision making.”

on farm networkSetting up a trial is easy thanks to the On-Farm Network’s efficient process developed over the last 15 years. Even farmers already planning on conducting their own trials can still submit the data and receive other benefits.

Farmers working with the On-Farm Network receive extensive statistical analysis of trial results in addition to aerial imagery of fields allowing them to make changes in-season. In-field scouting information is also provided depending on the trial type.

“The true value of what we do comes from the data the farmers generate,” Stessman said. “Our Analytics team works very hard to get farmers data that will improve their future decision making and allow them to know the multitude of circumstances that led to their yield results.”

For information  contact Rich Stessman at or 515-334-1076. Additional information can also be found at