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classic16-infoag-reetzIt might be their off-season, but the people behind the InfoAg Conference aren’t taking it easy.  Harold Reetz, the original founder of the event, recently traveled to the 2016 Commodity Classic.  His goal in attending the event was to share more about the opportunities available at InfoAg with the great group of farmers who come to Commodity Classic.

Since 1995, InfoAg has been a leading event in precision agriculture, and Reetz is working hard to ensure this year’s event will give participants the experience they are looking for.  For most in the precision field that includes learning about all the newest technology; sensors, drones and all.  But the biggest challenge for growers is what to do with all the data those sensors and drones collect.

“We’ve got farmers that have collected data for years,” Reetz said.  “They have the capability of collecting more now, and faster and getting it in a position to use faster, so how do we do that?  As a farmer who can help us get the data to work in such a way and ready to use so we can use it to make better informed decisions on the farm.”

Attendees can look forward to hearing new ways to answer that question at this year’s event.  New solutions keep presenting themselves and Reetz reports a number of new developments in that area within the last six months.

The conference is being held at Union Station in St. Louis from August 2-4, 2016.  It is held in conjunction with the 13th International Conference on Precision Agriculture, with the concurrent programs offering the opportunity to learn from each other about how best to help the grower.  Register now to InfoAg or ICPA.

Listen Jamie Johansen’s full interview here:
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