Farm Futures Predicts Planting Intentions

Cindy ZimmermanCorn, Planting, Soybeans

ff_logoAs the planting season gets closer, Farm Futures has released its annual planting intentions survey that shows more corn, less soybeans for 2016

Results of the survey were released this morning on the opening day of the 10th annual Farm Futures Business Summit, a Penton Agriculture event. The two day event is located in St. Louis and hosts hundreds of farmers from across the country.

While Farm Futures found farmers ready to boost corn acreage this spring, the increase is modest at 89.5 million. That would be up 1.7% from 2015, which was reduced substantially by bad weather, but 1.1 million acres below levels achieved in 2014.

Growers told Farm Futures they plan to cut back on soybeans, intending to plant 82.2 million acres, down around 500,000 from 2015. While flooding also set back soybean seedings in 2015, economics may keep growers from taking another crack at soybeans with that ground.

Farm Futures surveyed more than 1,550 growers around the country between December 7 and January 4. Farmers were invited by email to complete the survey online.