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Credenz2For the 2016 growing season, Bayer CropScience is expanding the Credenz® soybean seed brand nationally, with offerings in most of the U.S. soybean production regions. Credenz is the first global soybean seed brand from Bayer CropScience.

Showcasing a full portfolio of soybean solutions and innovations from Bayer CropScience, Credenz was engineered to provide sustained support to American soybean growers. Pablo Ogallar, Product Manager and Strategy Lead for Bayer, sat down with AgWired at the 2015 Farm Progress Show to discuss Credenz. His message centered around the quality of the different technologies that were integrated into this product, as well as Bayer’s holistic approach to seed engineering.

“To maximize yield you must maximize the integration of every available technology,” Ogallar said, “Every farmer is different, every environment is different, and every planting date is different. If you know an environment, and you combine different technologies within it, you will maximize both yield and cost efficiency.”

57 varieties of Credenz soybeans exist, from maturity groups 0 to 7, which will cover the most actively-growing regions of the United States. Credenz seeds are bred to thrive in diverse field types, and allow growers a customizable trait platform that can be tailored based on individual production preferences. Seeds are available with the LibertyLink® trait, which provides tolerance to Bayer’s Liberty brand herbicide, and glyphosate-tolerant traits are also offered.

The seed also features packages with defensive traits for tolerance to insecticides such as Bayer’s Poncho/VOTiVO, fungicides such as ILeVO and EverGol, and a multitude of biological products to control nematodes and diseases such as Sudden Death Syndrome, Sclerotinia white mold, and frogeye leaf spot.

“It’s a nice combination of technologies: good genetics, great trait portfolio, plus synergized crop protection and seed growth products,” says Ogallar, “We are looking for technology integration in order to maximize the opportunity for each farmer in every environment. We have great products, great technology; it’s a great choice for the farmers,”

Listen to my interview with Pablo here:
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