Introducing Single-Component Soybean Inoculate

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, seed, Soybeans, technology

signumPrecision Laboratiories and Rizobacter S.A. are working together to feed the earth’s ever growing populations.  Together the two companies have created new technologies that make the most of the biological capabilities of soybeans.  Their new product, Signum, is the first premium, single-component soybean seed inoculant.

“Signum sets a new standard for premium, retailer-applied soybean inoculants because its unique formulation has only one component,” said Terry Culp, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Precision Laboratories. “This means easier handing and fewer issues with product mixing for the applicator, while increasing yield for the grower.”

Traditional premium soybean inoculants require mixing two or more components at the time of application. Signum delivers convenience by eliminating the need to mix additional parts.

Trials, conducted in 2014, indicate Signum enhances soybean yield by 4.2 bushels per acre over untreated seed and 2.7 bushels over a competitive premium inoculant. The combination of seed-applied fungicides and insecticides with Signum produced an additional 2.5 bushels per acre over the fungicide and insecticide.

“We’ve developed these technologies to ultimately deliver increased plant health and yield for the grower,” said Culp. “With Signum, the indicators of increased yield are evident right from the start with enhanced stand, vigor and root nodulation.”

Precision Laboratories creates innovative, simple and effective products.  Rizobacter S.A. is the leader in biological products.  Signum is the result of their 10 year partnership.