Crop IMS Talks Data Security at InfoAg

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“We have a lot a questions about data privacy,” says Tom Groves, Information Systems Engineer and Web Developer for Crop IMS.  “I’d say it’s our big one.”

Groves, along with Agronomy and Tech Consultant Dallas Shepherd, recently appeared at InfoAg to share what’s happening at Crop IMS. Their bread and butter is data management and record keeping and their customers’ biggest concern is security.

“We’ve been asked a lot of about big data.  I think at crop IMS, one of the things going forward we’re really looking into is data privacy.  Where is that data going?  Who has access to it? And that’s a big concern of ours,” Groves relates.

Listen to their interview with Jamie Johansen to hear more about data rights and how that data can translate to help growers.

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