Soyl Introduces App at InfoAg

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infoag15-11-soylNew to InfoAg this year were Tom Parker and Grahm Barr with Soyl, a market leading service provider in the UK.

Even though Soyl is more than busy providing soil sampling to 2.5 million acres in Britain, they’ve flown across the pond to share a new app they’ve developed called iSoyl.  The app allows variable rate data to be uploaded to Dropbox and thus become more usable.

“We see ourselves now as part of a link in a chain.  There’s a lot companies here, fantastic companies producing a lot of information from a UAV, satellite imaging, that sort of thing, offering huge advise which can be layers, which can be kept, but the final link is getting the information into the tractor to do the variable rate.  Okay, there are companies that do that with the big equipment, the bigger toys, but what we’ve seen is there is a market for getting some of the initial device, and maps made, straight into a device simply to then do variable rate.”

Listen to the full interview to learn more.

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