New Holland Looks to Take Manual Out of Data Transfer

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infoag-15-new-hollandFor years, there’s been no problem with generating data with farm equipment. The issue came with the extra chore too many farmers had to perform at the end of the day and manually transfer information from a USB stick to their computer back in their home office. During the recent InfoAg Conference, Chuck caught up with Chris Carrier from New Holland to talk about the company’s Precision Land Management (PLM) Connect, which looks to take the manual, extra chore out of that data transfer.

“Our PLM Connect platform … uses the cloud to not only transmitting the machine data, but getting into agronomic data, helping the growers get the field data into the cloud easily and having a secure place to keep that data until [they can get it to a place where] they can bring value to it, improving yields and profitability,” he explained.

Chris said New Holland has been very deliberate in making sure their system is open and connected so it works with a variety of other service providers. New Holland wants to make sure producers are able to get the information gathered, even from other brands, into a place where they can use it. He added being at InfoAg has helped facilitate the idea of openness. “That’s one of the great things about this conference: you’re able to start collaborating with a lot of other providers that are here. That’s key for us.”

Listen to all of Chuck’s interview with Chris here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Chris Carrier, New Holland”]

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