John Deere’s Tech Legacy Includes Modern Connectivity

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infoag-15-jd-coreyFor 178 years, John Deere has been working with customers to bring farmers the latest technological developments in production agriculture. So it’s no wonder that now extends into the precision agriculture realm and connectivity on the farm.

“We started with the plow, we did it with tractors, and technology is an extension of that,” Corey Reed (pictured talking with the folks from MapShots) with John Deere’s Intelligent Solutions Group told Chuck at the recent InfoAg Conference. “We started years ago with equipping these machines with technologies like guidance and documentation systems ultimately leading to wireless communications. MyJohnDeere allows information to flow seamlessly from a customer’s operation in the field into a system they can use to manage their farm.”

Not only does Deere connect the producer with their information, but it also allows them to connect that information with their trusted advisers, such as their John Deere dealer. Mobile data transfer has been important to all this, as John Deere’s system allows for older and even competing systems to be loaded into MyJohnDeere. Apps through John Deere put it all right at the tip of a producer’s fingertips in their smartphone.

“It’s an exciting time in agriculture. It’s a time when you’re going to see technology accelerate, and we’re excited to be a major part of that,” Corey concluded.

Listen to all of Chuck’s interview with Corey here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Corey Reed, John Deere”]

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