Ag Leader Talks Data at InfoAg 2015

Jamie JohansenAg Leader, Agribusiness, Data, InfoAg

infoag15-8-editedRuss Morman, an 18 year veteran of Ag Leader’s marketing department, manned the Ag Leader booth at the recent InfoAg Conference in St. Louis, MO. He shared their key messaging to attendees as they passed through and spoke with me on how they respond to growing questions concerning data.

“This year we are really focusing on our software solutions, our AgFiniti platform, our SMS Software and our map view program.”

Russ said there are two main parts to AgFiniti. The first is the wireless data transfer, which allows growers in transfer data from a monitor to their secure Cloud server and then back for prescriptions and guidance patterns. The second half of AgFiniti is the remote support.

“The most questions we are getting now is on our data. Everyone has the hardware, but they want to know what they can do with the data and how to make decisions using it.”

Listen to my complete interview with Russ to learn how they address grower questions and what we can see coming down the pipeline in the near future. [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Russ Morman, Ag Leader”]

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