ScoutPro Offers Enhanced Apps Free for a Year

John DavisAgribusiness, Apps, Corn, Soybeans

scoutproScoutPro has released some enhanced versions of the company’s grower applications. And this company news release says growers will have free access to those, including ScoutPro Grower – Corn and ScoutPro Grower – Soy, for one year.

Since 2011, ScoutPro has dedicated its work to providing innovative agricultural apps that are designed to save agricultural professionals time while also providing the highest degree of accuracy. The company now offers one of the most effective and advanced platforms to help farmers and other ag professionals approach scouting crops with ease. Using ScoutPro apps, agriculture industry professionals have access to real-time, field-specific scouting reports, increased accuracy in identification and reporting through GPS coordinates, and archived data to make more informed crop decisions in current and future planting seasons.

Using an iPad, ag professionals are able to access and utilize the native app’s full functionality without an internet connection. This benefit allows the user the ability to continue using the app even in the most rural locations. The app’s ease of use and its ability to assist with accurate identification of weeds, insects, diseases, and crop disorders, has caught the attention of the Iowa Farm Bureau, the Iowa Soybean Association, and crop scouts as far away as New Zealand.

“We are eager for ag professionals to get this version of the app on their mobile devices,” said founder Michael Koenig. “The technology used by ScoutPro is unlike any other and is guaranteed to enhance the crop scouting process while also providing accuracy, consistency, and accountability.”

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