Valent Now Offers MGK Insect Control Products

John DavisAgribusiness, Insect Control

valent-mgkValent U.S.A. is now the exclusive provider of the MGK crop protection line of insect control products within the United States. This company news release says Valent now manages the marketing and sales of MGK’s insect control products PyGanic®, Azera®, Veteran D®, Tersus™ and EverGreen® 60-6.

“By adding MGK’s line of quality insect control products to our own rapidly expanding agricultural portfolio, Valent now offers its customers in organic production an unrivaled selection of value-based solutions for integrated pest management,” said Matt Plitt, Valent executive vice president and chief operating officer.

MGK products control a broad spectrum of insects on a wide variety of agricultural crops. Key OMRI-listed brands include PyGanic, one of the most widely-used botanical-based insecticides in the agriculture market; Azera, a premium product for organic control of hard- and soft-bodied insects; and Veratran D, the only EPA-registered product with sabadilla as an active ingredient. The MGK portfolio also includes sustainable brands such as Tersus, a unique solution for pre-harvest use on export specialty crops and EverGreen 60-6, a fast-killing insecticide with no pre-harvest interval.

“We have been working closely with Valent over the past several months to ensure a smooth transition. Combining the experience of MGK with that of Valent U.S.A., Valent BioSciences and the Sumitomo Chemical Company promises to deliver higher value and an even better product experience for our customers and end users,” MGK President Steve Gullickson said.

The product line also includes Exponent®, an effective synergist with many popular insecticides.