Verdesian Can Help Plants Take-Off

Cindy ZimmermanAudio, Commodity Classic, Corn, Nitrogen, Soybeans

verdesianAt Commodity Classic, Verdesian Life Sciences was showcasing nitrogen enhancement technology developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) that can really help plants Take-Off.

According to Kurt Seevers with Verdesian technical services, Take Off® crop nitrogen assimilator helps improve photosynthesis by increasing carbon flow into a plant’s metabolism. “This enhances the formation of amino acids, which perform multiple functions in plant metabolism and are critical to healthy plant growth,” said Seevers. “Testing shows the new innovation not only enhances vegetative growth, but also impacts reproductive growth.”

In this interview with Ken Rahjes, Seevers explains the results they have seen with corn, soybeans and wheat with Take-Off. [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Kurt Seevers, Verdesian”]