Agricen to Host Soybean Starter Webinar

John DavisAgribusiness, Soybeans

agricen1Plant health technology company Agricen will host an upcoming free webinar for soybean growers. This company news release says the “Soybean StartUp: Plant Health Benefits from Emergence through Yield” webinar, held on Wednesday, February 25th at 7 am and 11 am CT, will introduce benefits of industry’s first seedling-safe starter program for soybean plants.

The webinar will focus on the industry’s first non-salt starter program for soybean plants, which combines two of Loveland Products’ innovative plant health technologies—Accomplish LM and Radiate*—to improve early soybean emergence, increase plant vigor, and reduce plant stress for season-long benefits that optimize yield potential.

Webinar participants will:

– Find out why a starter program can make sense for soybean growers
– Discover how a Soybean StartUp program helps optimize soybean yield potential by getting soybean plants off to an improved start at planting and reducing plant stress throughout the growing season
– Learn how to use Accomplish LM and Radiate as complementary technologies in a soybean starter program

“Soybean growers have different plant nutrition needs than other growers, but they share the need for tools that can help them improve plant health and yields. Although starter fertilizers are used for a variety of crops, one of the
drawbacks of using a traditional starter program in soybean is that fertilizer salts can damage the seedlings,” said Michael Totora, President and CEO of Agricen. “Accomplish LM and Radiate are plant health products that contain no salt and provide a cost effective way for growers to increase plant vigor, reduce plant stress and enhance productivity. With an early application of these plant health technologies, we can improve the health of soybean plants from emergence through yield.”

Soybean growers, crop consultants and others interested in soybean health and productivity can register for this free webinar here: