FarmLink Introduces TrueHarvest

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15596518389_72f07a5261_mMachineryLink has just wrapped up their 14th harvest and they have expanded their operation from machines into data. TrueHarvest is another component of FarmLink where growers can compare their data that they have gathered through their yield monitors to see how their fields compare with another field with very similar conditions as their own. TrueHarvest is the first and only yield benchmarking service that uses objective, unique and accurate data to show a farm’s full range of performance potential, down to a 150 square foot area they call a micro-field. By comparing to other land with comparable conditions, the grower can make better investment decisions on where to focus resources and inputs.

Mark Gabrick is regional sales manager with FarmLink. I spoke with him at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk last week where he told me they are gathering more information from the grower as how to best utilize TrueHarvest and continue to expand the program. He says they “won’t stand still” as this will forever be evolving and they want to make it better for the farmer in the field through their programs.

You can listen to my interview with Mark here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Mark Gabrick, FarmLink Regional Sales Manager”]
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