Future for Soybean Production

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bayer-future-14-gaesserDuring the recent Bayer CropScience Corn and Soybean Future Forum in Germany, soybean producers talked about the challenges ahead for farmers.

American Soybean Association president Ray Gaesser talked about sustainability, weed resistance and cover crops.

“We as farmers really need to be proactive and make sure to protect the technologies we have, because not having those weed management technologies is devastating,” said Gaesser in an interview, adding that ASA has an initiative with industry partners to educate farmers about what traits and technologies are available to address weed resistance. “Sometimes it’s old technology we need to use.”

Gaesser also talked about his personal experience with cover crops. “We see the value and the effects of those cover crops and we really think there are soil health benefits and also weed resistance management benefits,” he said. [wpaudio url=”http://www.zimmcomm.biz/bayer/bayer-future-14-gaesser.mp3″ text=”Interview with Ray Gaesser, President of the American Soybean Association”]

bayer-future-14-wilkinsASA board member Richard Wilkins of Delaware believes that the most pressing challenges facing farmers right now include the need for deregulation of new technologies, public perception, and trade disruptions.

At the same time, Wilkins believes that farmers basically have the same goals as society as a whole when it comes to sustainability. “From a farmer’s perspective, remaining in business over the long term is number one when it comes to sustainability,” he said. “But I’m convinced that employing best management practices, being good stewards, and doing all the other things society is asking is the answer to long term sustainability.” [wpaudio url=”http://www.zimmcomm.biz/bayer/bayer-future-14-wilkins.mp3″ text=”Interview with Delaware farmer Richard Wilkins”]

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