PERC Calculators Estimate Propane Cost Savings

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perc-propaneThe Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has just released a suite of cost calculator tools for customers in three of the industry’s fastest-growing markets: agriculture, commercial landscape, and on road fleets. The calculators are designed to estimate potential fuel savings and ROI with clean, American-made propane when compared with conventional fuels like gasoline and diesel.

“At PERC, we’ve have worked with a number of companies in the last few years to develop new propane engines for use in irrigation,” said PERC Director of Agriculture Business Development Cinch Munson. Using the new calculator on-line or on a smart phone, a producer can plug in some basic information – such as engine horsepower, propane and diesel engine and fuel costs – and it will determine the costs for over five years for comparison purposes. “So they can see what the return on investment would be by making the choice to go with propane,” Munson said.

The Propane Irrigation Engine Calculator can be operated with Internet access online at or downloaded as a desktop tool for users. Downloadable worksheets can also be printed and filled in by hand. Mobile applications are available for phones and tablets in app stores for Apple and Android devices and results from the applications can be easily shared by email.

Listen to my interview with Cinch here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Cinch Munson, Propane Education and Research Council”]

We’ll be learning more about propane irrigation engines, as well as incentive programs to use propane on the farm and new propane farm equipment at the World LP Gas Forum next week in Miami where Cinch and other representatives from PERC will be in attendance.

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