Crop IMS Talks Value of People and Relationships at InfoAg

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infoag-14-crop-imsThere’s probably a lot of money wrapped up in all the high-tech equipment you might have on your farm today: whether it’s GPS systems or large tractors or computer software to help you make the right decisions at the right time. But bigger than the cost of that equipment is the value it brings to your operation. Adding value to products by injecting the value people and relationships bring to any technology anyone in agriculture might decide to use today was the theme of a very interesting session at this year’s InfoAg Conference in St. Louis. Don Bierman, Crop IMS Managing Director, talked about how his ag tech company adds value to their products they provide.

“And [that value is defined] depending on who you talk to. If it’s a farmer, he’ll talk about yield and profitability. If it’s a service provider, you’ll talk about ways to strengthen that relationship with the customer,” he said.

Crop IMS is an Ag Leader dealer, marketing directly to farmers and reselling to service provider partners. “It’s a relationship that works really well.”

Listen to my interview with Don here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Don Bierman, Crop IMS”]

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